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(As adopted by the Membership Meetings in June 1995 and amended in October 1997)

1. The Party inaugurates with the OBJECT and DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES as stated in the MANIFESTO OF THE WORLD SOCIALIST PARTY (INDIA) adopted by the Founding Conference in March 1995 as basic.

2. The OBJECT and PRINCIPLES of the Party may be amended if necessary and in conjunction with the COMPANION PARTIES FOR WORLD SOCIALISM.

3. The conditionality of recognition of a Companion Party shall be the Party's adoption of and adherence to the OBJECT and DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES.


4. (a) Any person prepared to accept by signification the OBJECT and PRINCIPLES as stated in the MANIFESTO OF THE WORLD SOCIALIST PARTY (INDIA) and the Party RULES is eligible to apply for membership. Such a willing person is required to fill up an APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP form including a MEMBERSHIP QUESTIONNAIRE to be lodged to the Secretary, LOCAL BRANCH [for the CENTRAL BRANCH see Rule 4 (b) below] - whose duty shall be to place the same before the next Business meeting (to which the applicant shall be invited) for consideration. After determining the applicant's membership- suitability decision shall follow the majority opinion, subject to the approbation of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (EC). On approval, the Branch shall regard him/her as a member since the date of enrolment. Any application rejected by the Branch shall be forwarded to the EC together with the reasons for rejection. On EC's rejection, the applicant shall have the right to appeal for a PARTY VOTE on the matter. (b) An applicant who resides where no Local Branch exists, or who, for reasons acceptable to both his/her Local Branch and the EC, finds any difficulty in joining his/ her Local Branch, shall send his application to the General Secretary and following a similar procedure as in Rule 4.(a), if accepted by the EC, shall be registered by the Central Branch.

5. Each member, every five years, shall receive from the EC a copy of RULES and a MEMBER card showing the name of the Branch, the registered number, his/her name, address and the date of enrolment. Each member shall remain attached to a Branch. One shall not belong to more than one Branch at a time. Branch transfer is allowed, provided a clear record is furnished by one's last Branch. Members of a Branch ceasing to exist shall be directly transferred to the Central Branch unless they request otherwise.

A member leaving India will be permitted to retain his/her membership only in the absence of a Companion Party or Group in the country he is becoming a resident of. A member of a Companion Party becoming a resident in India may write to the nearest Branch or to the EC for transfer of his/her membership to the WSP (I); THE Secretary concerned shall contact the Companion Party and arrange transfer.

6. Members shall be entitled to attend meetings of branches other than their own and speak with permission without the right to vote thereat. Members of the Central Branch shall be informed of a Party Vote, forwarded a voting paper, and shall be allowed to vote through the post or at any one Branch meeting on production of MEMBER card. Members shall also be entitled to attend EC meetings and Party Conferences and with permission contribute to the discussions.

7. A member must not belong to any other political organization of to any religious body, or write or speak for any except for the ideas of the World Socialist Party (India), or render support to any movement (political, religious, etc.) in conflict with the OBJECT and PRINCIPLES of World Socialism.

8. Each member shall deposit a monthly membership subscription of Rs. 10.00 to his/her Branch Treasurer who is to acknowledge the receipt by signing his/her Membership Subscription Card. A member unable to pay it due to unemployment, sickness, or any reason (satisfactory to the Branch) upon written request will be exempted. A member becoming three months in arrears shall be immediately notified by the Branch Secretary allowing another month for collection or a satisfactory explanation, failing which, may be dropped from membership by the Branch, subject to ratification by the EC, and shall not be allowed to join any Branch till the arrears remain. Should the address of a member in arrear be unknown, such a member may also be dropped.

9. A member may leave party membership by submitting his/her resignation letter (for any reason except an anti-party false charge) to the Branch Secretary or the General Secretary. Any anti-party defamatory activity or behaviour of a member shall warrant his/her being duly charged and even expelled as per Rules 33 and 35.




The test of entering into the World Socialist Party (India) is neither more nor less than accepting its Object, basic Principles and practical policies. To demand more is to degenerate into a sect; to demand less means to compromise about those principles and means. The outlines of those principles and policies are remaining sketched in the Object and Declaration of Principles of the World Socialist Party (India). Any normal and healthy worker can understand them if he/she so desires. The principles and policies of Socialism have stood up on them, which are as restrictive to any possible intrusion by non-socialists as they are encouraging to the socialists who are eagerly welcome into the party. Therefore, they constitute the reasonable and sufficient framework of the test for membership of the World Socialist Party (India).